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Your Own Real Estate Blog

Your Own Real Estate Blog

An ESSENTIAL tool for your Social Media presence! A blog allows you to post commentary, events, articles, photos, video, and links on a special subdomain of your website that you control. You can introduce your services and expertise to a wider audience of prospects, clients, colleagues and referrals.

Blogs create dialogue with your followers by encouraging them to subscribe to your posts and participate by leaving comments. Building a social network helps you keep in touch with your audience on a regular basis, effectively and inexpensively. Plus, the more you post on various real estate-related topics, the more you establish yourself as an expert that people will want to work with.

The other major benefit of blogging is that it improves your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By regularly posting, you will be adding new content and keywords on various topics that will be indexed by search engines, causing your blog (and therefore your website) to move up in search engine rankings over time. Comments and shared links among your followers will also provide more indexing opportunities.

Marketing Tips

Try to post new, original content as much as possible, since merely reposting content from around the web gives the SEO benefits to the original website you're reposting from, not your own. Also, try to make your posts informative and useful to your readers - irrelevant, uninteresting content or too many sales pitches can drive them away. Remind your audience of your experience and the services you offer indirectly, through posting items like buyer or seller guarantees, as well as information related to current market conditions and monthly statistics, as supplementary installments to your general interest posts.

Some examples: Establish yourself as the authority on your local market by writing about different neighborhoods, new developments and condo projects. Provide information about available tax credits and insider tips relating to home purchases or household renovation. Promote your affiliates in related fields such as landscaping or duct cleaning (they may offer you advertising fees for this promotion). Share money saving tips, hot deals, and home improvement advice.

Check out our sample blog for some sample posts you can model yours on.