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MyLeads™ E-Plan

Automated Email Follow-Up Plans

Automatic Stay-In-Contact Follow-Up Forever System

The SuccessWebsite® Solution's integrated MyLeads CRM contains an automatic email broadcasting system that sends follow-up email messages to your leads and past clients. E-Plans allow you to continue promoting your services and demonstrating your expertise, ensuring you remain top-of-mind while you work on getting them on the phone.

We provide a selection of email follow-up plans for both buyer and seller leads, which can be assigned and sent automatically based on the information requested by the lead. Each email message contains links back to your website, your phone number, and compelling calls-to-action to motivate leads to call you first. You can also modify or create new sequences of your own to target groups of leads more specifically.

Maintain long-term relationships with leads or past clients with the Home MarketWatch Newsletter. Updated on your website with new content monthly, it provides insider secrets, tips and strategies for everyone, not just those who are actively buying or selling real estate. Each month, your subscribers are notified that the latest version of your newsletter is now available, encouraging prospects to return to your website.

Automated email is not a catch-all method for follow-up, nor is it a replacement for phoning your leads and working for the appointment. But E-Plans do provide you with automatic, regular and continuous communication with unconverted prospects, as well as past clients who have not used your services for months or even years.