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Fast Access Pack

Fast Access Pack - InstaCallMe, Live Chat, Call Tracking

As powerful as the content of the SuccessWebsite® Solution is for attracting and capturing leads, when it comes to conversion, nothing can replace your personal interaction. Offering visitors a way of instantly getting in touch with you - though web chat or instant phone dialling - capitalizes on their impulse to ask you questions and allows you to make that valuable connection that can make them want to work with you.

Forrester, a research-based consulting company, studied the benefits of providing live chat to website visitors, and concluded that chat-assisted application completion rates are 138% higher than self service. This means you are much more likely to get prospects to complete a contact form when you give them the option to instantly chat with you.

Furthermore, adding multiple options of contact adds to your credibility as a service provider, and allows you to reach people who prefer to communicate in different ways. For example, first-time home buyers, usually a younger, more tech-savvy crowd, often prefer to make contact through chat, while a person facing foreclosure and looking for information about short sales may appreciate the confidentiality of a phone call.

Of course, we understand you are busy, and not always in the office or at your computer. As a result, we provide 3 features that will put a prospect in direct contact with you instantly no matter where you are: Click-to-call links, live web chat (including the ability to chat directly from your mobile phone), and call-tracking that captures the prospect’s contact information, allowing you to follow-up later if a connection is not made.


Prospects can establish a phone call with you directly from your website, with just one click, the moment they need to speak with you.

  • Update your contact number anytime using your Command Center
  • Unlimited lead calls from Canada and United States
  • Establish contact through telephone, PC phone (VOIP), or mobile phone

Live Web Chat

Links are placed on your site to allow visitors to initiate a web chat with you instantly. When requesting a chat, the prospect will be asked to provide their name, phone number, and email address to receive a transcript of the conversation. You will also be emailed a transcript, along with these contact details to help you follow-up.

Also, leads that are online and viewing your site will be displayed in your chat interface and MyLeads database, allowing you to contact them through a chat request pop-up. You can engage in multiple chat sessions simultaneously.

If you're out and about, you can receive requests and chat directly from your smartphone, using mobile chat apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry (in beta).

And you won't miss a think if you're offline. Prospects can leave you a message, along with their email address and phone number so you can get back to them.

Call Tracking

With Call Tracking, you get one toll-free or local phone number that automatically tracks and forwards all calls to you. You’ll know exactly where a lead came from and instantly capture their contact information for follow-up.

Call Tracking can be a valuable tool in testing your marketing campaigns - measure customer response with call summary reports available upon request.

You can also change your forwarding number at any time, and there are no fees for number portability.

(Additional Call Tracking numbers available for $2.00 per month each. Tracking may be limited for mobile phone calls and blocked numbers. Limit 100 minutes on forwarded calls per month, shared among multiple numbers. Additional charges are $0.10 per minute after the first 100.)