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Managing Your Marketing Campaigns Has Never Been Easier

MyCampaigns™ - Managing Your Marketing Campaignss

Advertising is a critical component in generating leads, since you have to get prospects to visit your website before you can begin converting them into a lead and a promising client. Effective advertising, both online and off, will drive this traffic to your site.

This doesn't mean that you have to be a marketing expert. The SuccessWebsite® Solution provides you with all the tools you need to create and manage ad campaigns in every medium through MyCampaigns™.

MyCampaigns™ allows you to organize all your campaign information in one place. You can keep track of exactly which media outlet(s) you're running your ads with, their run schedules, and how much you’re paying for each one. Tracking this information is the foundation for advertising success, since you can easily compare results to determine which ads are working and which aren’t. You can then redistribute your marketing budget accordingly and get the most results for your money.

And because it’s integrated into your website Command Center, MyCampaigns also allows you to easily manage where visitors are directed from your ads, by giving you the ability to point registered domain names to the landing page of your choice. You can redirect your domain name forwards in minutes, anytime, without having to interact with a support person. The system checks your work, informing you when the domain name is successfully pointing to the specified landing page and your ad is ready to run.

You can create ads from scratch using the feature-rich Ad Editor, or choose and modify ads from a library of hundreds of proven successful campaigns personally developed by real estate guru Craig Proctor and tested in thousands of real estate businesses all over North America, in every type of market. Then, with the handy email tool, you can send your ad to the printer or media manager directly from your site with a click of a button.

MyCampaigns works hand-in-hand with the TrackMySuccess™ System, which tracks your results from every ad, no matter the source, through a unique tracking code assigned to each. You'll know exactly how many visits you received from your various ads, and how many of those visitors became leads. You'll never again waste money on advertisements that don't work!