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Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click Marketing

SuccessWebsite® is a Google AdWords Qualified Company, meeting and exceeding the requirements set forth by Google.

Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-per-Click Advertising is an essential strategy in improving your traffic from Google and other search engines. It's cost-effective for businesses of all sizes, and the ads engage potential customers at precisely the right moment - when they are actively searching online for real estate information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides no guarantee that your website will place high enough in search results to be seen, but with Pay-per-Click you place targeted ads that will attract visitors. Placement of the ads is determined by bidding on search keywords that your prospects may enter when looking for real estate information - the higher you bid, the better your ad placement on the results pages when those keywords are used. You only pay your bid amount when the link in the ad is clicked, meaning your money is always being spent on actual traffic to your website. And you can set a daily or weekly budget to temporarily turn off your ads when you reach your spending limit.

SuccessWebsite® Solution's AdWords Certified Specialists will set up, manage, test, and track your Google campaigns. Here is what we do:

  1. Identify your advertising goals
    The importance of this step is often underestimated. Optimization means taking steps to get the results you want by improving the quality and performance of your account. We identify your advertising goals and work with you to deliver results. We can identify and track statistical goals, like clicks, views, Click-through Rate (CTR), or Return on Investment (ROI). But we also go further, considering the quality of the leads you are getting, and where they are coming from. We can also help you calculate your Click-to-Lead ratio.

  2. Setup your account using the most effective and compelling campaign ad copy
    All of our copy and campaigns have been tested, tracked and optimized through use by Craig Proctor and SuccessWebsite members. These are proven successful ads that have worked for hundreds of other agents, in markets all over North America. And we have the experience to customize these campaigns to your specific needs without compromising their effectiveness.

  3. Select relevant keywords and optimize landing pages
    As specialists in Internet marketing for agents, we understand real estate and provide campaigns that match the interests of the leads you're looking for. We compile click data from across our network of members to identify trends and associated search terms. We also know your website, and target your ads to the specific USPs you use and the appropriate landing pages on your site. Plus, you don't have to share our time and focus with clients from other industries - we are dedicated only to our members.

  4. Localize your account effectively

    Ads are useless to you if they bring visitors from outside your area. We understand and work with all of Google AdWords' language and geographical targeting options. We can target your ads by city, zip, and custom map points, to ensure that your ads are being seen by local viewers.

    We understand "long tail" keywords, and deliver refined keyword lists that stretch your ad budget while increasing your exposure. We provide options to manage bidding at the keyword level, and set different bids for Google's Search networks vs. Display network.

  5. Track your account performance
    Optimization is impossible unless you can track the results of your changes to understand whether they are effective or not. All of our AdWords accounts are set up to take full advantage of your SuccessWebsite Solution’s TrackMySuccess™ (TMS) system. We don't just report on hits, we report on leads - all Google leads are uniquely tracked within the TMS system. We can combine this conversion data with your AdWords cost data to give you a clear picture of overall account performance. This is something only an integrated system can do for you.

  6. Test and modify your campaigns to get the results you want
    Our AdWords Certified specialists assist you with account review and modifications, evaluating your campaign performance and making changes as necessary.