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Tried, Tested, and Proven Content and Ads

Tried, Tested, and Proven Content and AdsDirect Response Marketing, which is the key to increasing your lead generation on the Internet, is made up of three components: Tease, Capture and Access. First, you Tease the prospect with an offer of useful information or a beneficial Unique Selling Proposition (USP). In order for them to receive it, however, they must complete a Contact Form on your website. Only after you have Captured the lead in this way do you provide Access to the information. This proven strategy results in far more leads than freely offering the information and hoping prospects will contact you.

In order for Direct Response to work, however, you need the content to attract prospects. Without a significant amount of useful information on offer, you will not be able to overcome the natural resistance of your website visitors to hand over their private information.

The SuccessWebsite® Solution provides you with dozens of professional industry insider Reports and USPs covering a wide variety of topics of interest to buyers and sellers: First-Time Buyer Tips, How to Pass a Home Inspection, Common Buyer/Seller Mistakes, Free Online Home Evaluation, Property Hotlists, VIP Buyer/Seller Programs, and much more. This information has been used by thousands of businesses, all over North America, and is perfect for positioning you as a real estate expert with a focus on client service.

Each report is accompanied by a strategically-crafted landing page, designed to effectively tease prospects, increase your response rate, and get you more and better-qualified clients. Every word has been carefully crafted and honed to perfection by real estate guru Craig Proctor, who developed and used most of this information in his own business, earning $2 Million in commissions every year from Internet leads alone.

Your ready-to-use landing pages and reports can also be customized by you to provide additional information specific to your area, which will increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and help you be found more easily in web searches.

You also get a comprehensive library full of Craig’s best classified and editorial ads, for all types of media, including offline print. There are hundreds of proven successful ads here, all designed to drive traffic to your website, ready for you to use as-is or easily modify with the online Ad Editor in your SuccessWebsite® Command Center.

We also include Craig’s Universal Follow-Up Script, for speaking to your captured leads and beginning the process of conversion with fewer hang-ups.

Best of all, this system lets you do what you do best - sell homes - without investing countless hours or money in developing content and ad copy.