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Automatic Stay-In-Contact Follow-Up Forever System

Automatic Stay-In-Contact Follow-Up Forever System

The Stay-In-Contact Follow-Up System is an automated email broadcasting system that sends follow-up email messages to your leads and past clients. Educational and informative email courses and newsletters demonstrate your expertise and services, and maintain relationships with your prospects, ensuring that you remain top-of-mind when they are ready to buy or sell. They can even sign themselves up on your website, saving you the extra maintenance work.

Stay-In-Contact provides two major offerings. The first is a 12-part course entitled “Insider Real Estate Secrets Revealed”, delivered in 15 day intervals over the critical first six months. This course presents valuable information on various real estate topics including: obtaining the best mortgage; how to set the right price to sell your home; how to "dress up" a home for sale; and smart questions to ask before working with an agent.

At the conclusion of the course, Stay-In-Contact automatically transitions your audience to the second offering, the Home MarketWatch Newsletter. Updated on your website with new content monthly, it provides insider secrets, tips and strategies for everyone, not just those who are actively buying or selling real estate. Each month, Stay-In-Contact notifies your subscribers that the latest version of your newsletter is now available, encouraging prospects to return to your website.

The Stay-In-Contact System provides you with automatic, regular and continuous communication with unconverted prospects, as well as past clients who have not used your services for months or even years. Every message also includes links to allow your newsletter to be easily shared by subscribers with their friends and family, allowing you to cultivate referral business.