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SMS Text Messaging System with Mobile Site and Property Sign Riders

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These days, nearly everyone carries a mobile phone everywhere they go. And as the use of advanced smartphones increases, SMS Text Messaging is becoming an essential tool for promoting your real estate business. You now have the opportunity to provide information on-demand to prospects, while simultaneously capturing their mobile phone number for immediate follow-up.

SMS can be used to provide information on USPs, reports, or any other services you offer, but it is probably most effective in promoting listings curbside using SMS Property Sign Riders. Prospects use their mobile phone to send an SMS code to your SuccessWebsite® system. The system replies instantly with a link to a mobile-friendly version of your website, where they will find listing information, photos, open house schedules, and more, using their smartphone's Internet browser. At the same time, the system sends you a notification, along with the prospect's mobile phone number, allowing you to immediately connect with them to follow-up. The mobile website also allows prospects to email the information they're viewing to their inbox, and if they do so you capture their email address as well.

SMS Text Messaging System with Mobile Site and Property Sign RidersThe ability to quickly follow-up with prospects is impressive not only to potential buyers, but to your sellers as well. Demonstrate your SMS system during your listing presentation to show prospects that you offer cutting-edge technology and services. You may even encourage seller leads to contact you by using SMS.

After selecting SMS as a SuccessWebsite Power Feature, you pay no per-message fees or extra charges. Your SMS codes are reusable and can be assigned quickly to new listings using your Command Center, allowing you to also reuse your sign riders on different properties.

SuccessWebsite also offers Special Buy pricing on high-quality sign riders in a range of materials, sizes and color schemes, ensuring that your SMS offering will attract attention from passersby.

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