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TrackMySuccess™ System

Never Again Waste Money on Ineffective Advertising

TrackMySuccess™TrackYou don’t need to be an Internet marketing expert to achieve success with your advertising. The only thing you need is a system that tracks the leads that your ads generate. By tracking your ads and monitoring the results, you will know very quickly which ads are effective and which aren’t. You can then redistribute your marketing budget, eliminating the poor performers and increasing the reach of your best campaigns. Tracking also allows you to test changes to your successful ads to see if you can increase their response rate further.

The SuccessWebsite® Solution provides you with the information you need to track your advertising and continually improve your marketing. Our proprietary TrackMySuccess™ system assigns a unique code to each ad you create, and produces real-time, easy to understand reports telling you exactly where your website leads are coming from. This allows you to quickly calculate your cost per lead and eliminate ads that are too expensive, before you waste money on them.

TrackMySuccess™ will track ALL of your ad campaigns, in any medium, including print, online banners, Craigslist classifieds, Google Pay-per-Click ads, syndicated listings, and more.