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Tag Marketing & QR Code Generator

As smartphone use increases, Tag Marketing is becoming an effective way to attract new prospects. With the SuccessWebsite® Solution QR Code Generator, you can easily create your own QR Codes for use on business cards, classified ads, online banners, or anywhere you'd like to provide your contact information and links to your website. Prospects can then instantly record your details or visit your website by scanning the code with their mobile phone camera and reader software.

Tag Marketing & QR Code GeneratorEven better, you can use QR Codes in combination with your SMS Text Messaging System to automate SMS requests for property details. Include a QR Code containing your SMS ID numbers on a property sign rider and prospects can immediately send their request without having to enter in the numbers manually. In return, they receive a link to the property information on your mobile-friendly website, while you instantly receive a notification with their phone number, allowing you to follow-up with them immediately, often while they are still in front of the home!

QR Codes can automate many other functions on your prospect's phone, including sending email, storing notes, entering calendar events, or displaying coordinates on a map. You could use these functions to easily allow leads access to your updated Tour of Homes schedule, including locations of the properties to be visited.

QR Codes are yet another cutting-edge feature to impress seller prospects with your tech-savvy ability to market their home online.