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GuidedAction™ Video Streaming

GuidedAction™ Video Streaming

Even with informative and compelling written content on your website, an important element is still missing: the human factor. Giving prospects a glimpse of your personality can help them feel more at ease and convince them to work with you.

Now you can add a personal touch with GuidedAction™ Video Streaming, bringing your branded website to life with a custom digital video recording of you introducing yourself, highlighting your service message, and giving visitors an immediate call to action. A personalized message on featured web pages, describing offers, tips and concepts in your own words will add to your uniqueness.

This isn't an embedded video frame or pop-up window - GuidedAction Video integrates your video into your website, overlaying your image over top of your page banner. Beyond the human factor, it's an impressive feature that shows visitors you are a tech-savvy real estate agent who can market their home with cutting-edge tools.

This added branding feature personalizes the interaction between your prospects and your website. And when you give them that initial follow-up phone call, their familiarity with you will make the call much more comfortable, increasing their responsiveness.

Our Marketing Specialists attend Craig Proctor's twice-yearly SuperConferences with a fully-equipped portable studio to record your video. Recording with a teleprompter takes only a few minutes, and you'll be able to approve the pre-processed video on the spot. Alternatively, you can hire your own videographer to film you in front of a green-screen background and send the video file to us.