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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I expect to spend a month on my Google Advertising?
How do I know how many leads I've generated through my Google AdWords campaigns?
What is the typical bid for keywords?
How often should I check my campaigns?
Google sent me an email saying that my ad was disapproved. How can I fix this?
What is Google Analytics? Do I need it?

How much can I expect to spend a month on my Google Advertising?

For a well-performing Google AdWords account, you can expect to spend around $500 a month. Google payment options are divided into two types: postpay and prepay. With postpay, you pay only for the clicks (or for some placement-targeted campaigns, the impressions) you've already received, so you're not billed in advance. Google bills you after 30 days or when your account spend reaches your billing threshold, whichever comes first.

You won't be able to switch from a postpay option to a prepay option or vice versa, so be careful when you select a payment method as you set up your account.

How do I know how many leads I've generated through my Google AdWords campaigns?

When we set up your Google AdWords campaigns, all of your ads include a tracking URL that contains a TrackMySuccess™ code (TMS Code). By default, the TMS code starts with G_ (i.e. G_FloridaHomeEval), allowing you to quickly identify leads that came from Google. This information is reported in both the email notification you receive from our system and in your MyLeads database.

What is the typical bid for keywords?

Bids range widely depending on the popularity of the keywords and your competition. At least to start, we recommend you set your maximum Cost-per-Click to no more than $1.00. Once you have a feel for how your ads are performing, you can adjust up or down.

Google provides a number of different bidding options that may be better suited for different kinds of campaigns and advertising goals. Learn more

Automatic bidding is possible as well. With this option, Google manages your bids for you, attempting to balance your bid amounts with your budget to deliver the most clicks for your daily spends. Here are some cases in which automatic bidding for clicks is recommended:

  • You have an advertising budget you'd like to reach consistently.
  • You don't want to spend time monitoring and adjusting individual cost-per-click (CPC) bids.
  • You're mainly interested in increasing website traffic.
  • You're willing to let the AdWords system adjust CPC bids automatically.
  • You're new to Google AdWords or don't know exactly how much to bid for particular keywords or placements.
    Automatic bidding is NOT recommended if your advertising goals include maintaining a specific ad position or cost-per-conversion.

How often should I check my campaigns?

In the beginning, it's important to identify issues early to make sure you are generating a healthy number of impressions and clicks. With the right tracking in place, you will be able to determine within the first week whether or not your ads are generating leads, and if the leads are coming from the right area. We recommend checking your account every once a week at minimum to make sure your campaigns are running properly.

Google sent me an email saying that my ad was disapproved. How can I fix this?

The email will state exactly why the ad was disapproved with recommendations on how to fix it. Here are the most common reasons why ads are disapproved:

  • Inaccurate URL. Ads feature a Display URL, which is shown in the ad, and a Destination URL, which is the actual address of the landing page. The domains of these two URLs must match, so that users know which site they will be visiting when they click your ad.

  • Improper Use of Capitalization or Punctuation. Your ad text must not use gimmicky punctuation and excessive or unnecessary use of numbers, letters, and symbols.
    • Don't use repeated, unnecessary, or gimmicky punctuation or symbols.
    • Your title may not contain an exclamation point.
    • Your entire ad text may only contain one exclamation point in total.
    • The use of symbols, numbers, and letters must adhere to the true meaning of the symbol.
    • Punctuation and symbols can be used as part of a company name or when they pertain to a certain industry or language standards.
    • Asterisks can be used in the following cases: "5* Service," or used to indicate that "conditions apply."
    • Numbers can be used in the following cases: 24/7, buy 1 get 1 free, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
    • Double dashes (--) aren't considered excessive punctuation

What is Google Analytics? Do I need it?

Google Analytics is a feature that can be activated to track the conversion rates of your campaigns. This feature requires that a script be inserted into your landing pages which will essentially track all of the conversions (when someone fills out a form on the page). With the SuccessWebsite® Solution's built-in TrackMySuccess system, you don't need to use Analytics. However, if you do choose to use it, be aware that Analytics creates a record every time a form is filled out and submitted on your web pages. Many of our contact forms are multi-step and therefore may create multiple records in your Analytics. You should take this into consideration when reviewing your data.

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