The SuccessWebsite® Pay Per Click System

Ad Targeting and Tracking

The Google Search Network indexes websites all over the Internet, and so there is a high potential that people from outside your target area will see your ads. There are a few ways to ensure that your ads are delivered to the right location, preventing you paying for clicks from leads you can’t service.

Location Targeting

For each AdWords campaign, you can set the Campaign Settings for countries or regions and the languages for your ad. That campaign's ads will then appear only to users located in those areas and who have selected one of those languages as their preference. You can target a state, single or multiple cities, or fine-tune your scope to a specific area radius around a zip code or address.

Target Area

Targeting and Tracking through your Ads

Each campaign should be setup with an Ad Group for each area that you wish to target. Within each Ad Group, the ads are setup to display specific keywords that pertain to the area you wish to target. You should also make sure your ads are being tracked with a specific tracking URL, such as those generated by the SuccessWebsite® Solution’s TrackMySuccess™ System. The TMS codes and tracking reports will help you determine exactly where your leads came from.

Ad Tracking