The SuccessWebsite® Pay Per Click System

Performance Tips and Strategies

Continual management of your Google AdWords account is important. Without regular review and maintenance, you won't understand where your leads are coming from, or find the opportunities to improve your ad response. We've identified a number of strategies and tips that can help improve your account's performance:

  • Fine-tune your keywords.
    • Experiment with keyword matching options. Some keywords may work better with exact matches, others with phrase match. Adding a negative match may help you reduce the exposure of the ad to unrelated searches. Some keywords may not work at all and can be safely deleted.

    • Add plurals, synonyms, and related phrases to your keyword lists. These specifics may work better than relying on broad match settings.
  • Revise your ad text. Be sure to include a call-to-action - language that encourages the viewer to respond. Remember that people are self-interested - what can you write that will motivate them to click on the ad?

  • Organize your Ad Groups by theme based on your services, USPs, or other categories.
    • Shape your ads around your keywords.

    • Try running 2 to 4 ads per Ad Group. We automatically monitor the click-through-rate (CTR) of each ad, and show better performing ads more often than ads with lower CTRs.
  • Pick the right landing page. Make sure the landing page for your ad is a page where visitors can find the information promised in your ad.
    • Be consistent - your ad and the landing page should use similar language. Refer to specific keywords, offers, and calls-to-action on your landing pages.

    • Make your landing page navigation as simple as possible. Visitors should not have to click further to find the information you've promised in your ad.

    • Avoid creating obstacles that discourage easy transactions. Assuming you want people to complete a contact form, it should be clearly visible with instructions on how to fill it out. The length of the form may also be an issue here.
  • Enable Display Network bids. When you enable Display Network bids, you can set one price when your ads run on Google and its search partner sites, and a different price when your ads run on the Google Display Network. This allows you to adjust for the value of lower quality leads from the Display Network. Learn more

  • Track your results. Your AdWords statistics will show you click-through-rates and costs, but you should also look at captured leads and conversions. Google provides a free conversion tracking tool, which can provide detailed conversion data down to the keyword level. Learn more