Agent Secrets: Embrace Google Ads for Higher-Quality Leads with Intent

Google Advertising has been a staple media outlet for generating high-quality, high-return leads for realtors over the last two decades and continues to dominate the search engine game. We’ve been running Google Ads campaigns for our real estate clients for over 20 years. These campaigns have generated leads that turned into active clients and closed millions […]

Agent Secrets: Leverage Listings to attract Leads (and more Listings!)

Years of digital marketing experience have taught us this: people love Listings! Listings information ads are consistent high-performers in generating leads. Post all your listings on your website! This is easy to do with the Success platform. The MyListings area lets you post full property descriptions – including photos and virtual tours – and organize […]

Agent Secrets: Re-engage with old leads to create more opportunities

Most agents have a long list of old leads. At any given time, at least some of these leads will be interested in buying or selling a home, which makes your database a constant source of opportunities. One Success member we spoke to recently got some new business from a lead that’s been on his […]

Agent Secrets: Leverage a Team for more efficient follow-up

Your time is valuable and there’s only so much you can do every day. While following up with leads is an important part of generating business, routine tasks can often be better handled by delegating them to a team member. Even if you’re a solo agent without the resources to hire a full team, a […]

Agent Secrets: Create a follow-up workflow

Let’s face it: sometimes following-up with your leads is a chore. But communication is where you create business, so it has to be done regularly and consistently. An effective way to do this is to create a workflow that you complete on a schedule. When you block time for follow-up, you can stay on top […]