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No matter how great your real estate marketing is, leads are useless without personal conversation. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get leads to respond to your follow-up so you can start a dialogue.

With recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), you can now use powerful tools like ChatGPT to streamline your follow-up process and improve your communication with leads and clients.

When using ChatGPT to generate follow-up messaging, here are some strategies to increase response rates. We’ve also included some example text messages generated by ChatGPT that align with these strategies.

This messaging works because it uses open-ended questions. These nudge the lead to respond with their thoughts, needs, or questions, which can help you better understand how to help them and build a relationship of trust. Use open-ended questions in all your follow-up to not only increase response rates but also create a more personal conversation.

1. Personalize the message.

Prompt ChatGPT with information you already know about the lead. Personalized follow-up that addresses the specific needs and interests of the lead can make the message more engaging and increase the chances of a response.

Example messages:

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2. Use conversational language.

You want your follow-up messages to sound natural and conversational, which can help to reduce the perception of sales pressure and make the lead feel more comfortable responding. ChatGPT can analyze your current messaging and suggest alternate wordings that don’t use formal or salesy language.

Example messages:

3. Offer value.

Incorporating helpful and informative content into follow-up messages can encourage leads to engage and respond. For example, you can use ChatGPT to create messages that offer tips for buying or selling a home or provide updates on local real estate market trends.

Example messages:

4. Provide options.

Giving leads the option to choose how they want to be contacted and how often can help to reduce the fear of being bothered constantly. Also, messaging people on their preferred channel makes it easier for them to respond. Prompt ChatGPT to create messages that offer different communication options, such as email, phone, or text, and allow leads to set their own preferences.

Example messages:

5. Follow up at the right time.

The best time to send a follow-up message is when the lead is thinking about their real estate issue. ChatGPT can analyze a conversation history to help you determine the best time to follow up with leads based on your previous interactions. Also, IDX systems (like SuccessWebsite HDX) can track properties that potential buyers are looking at, giving you a chance to follow-up with specific knowledge of their interests.

Example messages:

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AI and ChatGPT aren’t perfect, but they can help streamline your marketing efforts, saving you time and effort. Learn how to make the best use of them in our AI for Real Estate series!

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