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Trusted Calling
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We received your information. We’ll notify you when we submit your registration for verification and when it’s been finalized. There is nothing more to do on your end.

Please note, the verification process may take several weeks. Because our telephony provider is responsible for the final verification process, we cannot provide an accurate time estimate for completion.

Avoid the "Suspected Spam" Label

As a realtor, your phone is everything. NOTHING replaces the phone call you make to a lead.

Now imagine if, every time you try to call (or text), a message pops up on the lead’s phone that says “Suspected spam.” How many people do you think will answer?

For many businesses, this is already happening! It may even be happening to YOURS, without warning.

Mobile carriers are getting aggressive about labelling unexpected telemarketing phone calls. Each carrier has an analytics system that assigns a “reputation score” to phone numbers.

Depending on this score, they can push a signal to smartphones that labels your number as “Spam risk,” “Suspected spam,” or something equally horrifying. Whatever it says, it gives your leads every reason to avoid your call.

Unfortunately, you can’t tell the carriers how to handle your phone number. But there IS a way you can get back some control!

We call it Trusted Calling & Text Messaging. It improves the reputation of your EngageCRM/StayInContact phone number and gives your leads more confidence to answer your calls and texts.

A special protocol called “STIR/SHAKEN” enables this technology. Your call travels through the phone network with an authentication code specific to your business. Carriers use this code to determine if the phone number is legitimate. They may even show positive trust indicators to your leads, such as a “Verified Caller” or checkmark symbol.

For some carriers, Trusted Phone Numbers also display your requested name or business as CallerID.

Trusted Calling & Text Messaging is available now. It’s easy and keeps your phone number in the game.

Important things to know

  1. This doesn’t guarantee your EngageCRM/StayInContact phone number will show as “Verified” on your leads’ phones. Protocols and technology are still new. And each carrier still makes its own decisions about showing trust indicators and CallerIDs. The real benefit of registration is that you will avoid showing up as a “Suspected spam” call or being automatically blocked.
  2. You must still respect consumer consent and telemarketing laws. A trusted number doesn’t excuse you from knowing and following regulations, including Do-Not-Call lists, time of day limits, and other rules for calling consumers. Similar to email, new phone technology lets people report unwanted calls as spam. If enough of these reports build up, your number could still show up as a potential spam call even if you’ve registered a Trusted Phone Number.

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