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What are the essential features every CRM needs to enhance your follow-up, get more conversations, and help you land more deals? We break it down by size of team, using our own EngageCRM system to demonstrate. (Timecode index below the video player.)

Timecode Index

0:00 – Introduction
    – Reviewing essential CRM features based on size of business team
    – Demonstrating using our EngageCRM system

7:55 – CRM Features for a Solo Agent
    8:27 – Automated follow-up (EngageCRM Action Plans)
    9:49 – Action Plans Library (follow-up campaign templates)
    10:25 – Example plan – Move-Up Buyers campaign
    13:45 – Copying the template for editing
    15:03 – CRM Lead Cards view – Activating an Action Plan for a lead
    17:03 – Automatic assignment for new leads
    18:04 – Tracking your lead sources
    20:02 – Calling, texting, qualifying tools
    23:57 – E-plans (email drip campaigns)
    24:35 – Task tracking
    26:08 – Callback/Appointment reminders
    26:51 – Notes – Important for CRM!
    27:46 – Calling/Texting with our StayInContact app
    29:06 – AI Conversations assistance tool
    29:32 – Trusted Calling service (currently US-only)
    30:52 – Call Audio recordings with AI Call Summary

32:09 – Additional CRM Features for Small and Large Teams
    32:26 – User accounts and settings
    36:01 – Assigning leads to users
    36:44 – Sorting/filtering leads by assigned user
    38:04 – Tags and Lead import
    39:38 – Lead Status (pipeline tracking)

40:56 – Additional CRM Features for Large Teams
    41:10 – Reports

43:05 – Q: How do I create an email template?

45:56 – Q: Can I automatically import leads from other sources (i.e. integrations)?

47:17 – Q: Can I highlight or color-code leads based on status or other factors?

52:06 – Q: How do I download the StayInContact mobile app to try it out?

55:26 – Q: Is the EngageCRM only available in English?

57:46 – How to contact us

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