Everywhere you look these days, someone’s got a “hot take” about artificial intelligence tools for business.

Some say AI is dangerous. It’ll take away jobs. It’s biased. It makes things up. It’s just plain dumb.

Others say it’ll transform everything and make all our lives easier.

Whatever camp you’re in, the essential point is this…

AI tools are here to stay, and many agents are using them right now to get more leads, clients, and business.

In the ultra-competitive world of real estate, that should be reason enough for you to pay attention to this stuff.

Here are two more…

1. Optimize your marketing messages.

In decades of experience with digital marketing, we’ve seen how simple word choices in ad headlines or landing page copy can make or break a campaign.

This is especially important when your marketing budget is limited.

Testing and optimization has always been a major part of a solid marketing strategy. But coming up with alternative campaign versions to test takes a lot of time and creative effort…

Until now.

With AI tools like ChatGPT, you can generate dozens of headlines, blog posts, landing pages, follow-up messages, and more. In mere minutes, and without an expensive copywriter who charges by the word.

This lets you quickly brainstorm, create, and test options for your campaign to find the best performance. A more effective campaign means more leads and business, for less ad spend.

With AI tools, agents will test campaigns a LOT more, which will only make online advertising more competitive. And much harder for those who aren’t using AI.

2. First-mover advantage.

When Google was new, few people had heard of SEO or pay-per-click ads. Those first-movers who tried them got a huge advantage in cheap website traffic and leads.

Right now, we’re at another of those major pivot points for marketing technology.

Yes, AI is still working itself out. But taking it on now gets you ready for the next AI advancements, the ones that will really move the needle.

When that happens, every business will pile into AI, just like they did with SEO and pay-per-click ads. As a first-mover, you’ll be well-established and ready to capitalize on these advancements, while your competitors are busy playing catch-up trying to figure it out.

This is why exploring our new AI-Powered Marketing services is a good idea. Right now, you can get started with AI in your business and gain an immediate advantage, without the time and effort of learning the tools yourself.

Also, by working with multiple clients, we can personalize, localize, and optimize your marketing for a fraction of the cost.

Start Learning how to take advantage of AI now!

AI and ChatGPT aren’t perfect, but they can help streamline your marketing efforts, saving you time and effort. Learn how to make the best use of them in our AI for Real Estate series!

In these articles, we’ll explore in detail how to use ChatGPT to:

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